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Guest speakers

A. Marcano

Antony Marcano

Agile Coach | RiverGlide

Antony has over 18 years of experience working on Agile projects, including coaching organizations of all shapes and sizes through transformations towards greater agility. He is equally a practitioner and trainer, and his thought leadership is acknowledged in numerous books and journals. Antony has worked closely with Kent Beck to establish the London 3X community: Exploring, expanding and extracting from this emerging thinking model.

For more information on Antony, visit antonymarcano.com

A. Agrawal

Junie Dinda

Junie Dinda - Head of Marketing, Server and Data Center | Atlassian

Junie is the Head of Marketing for Atlassian Server and Data Center products including Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, Jira Service Desk, Hipchat, Stride, Trello and Statuspage.


08:45 Valiantys

Welcoming speech

Emmanuel Boukandoura, General Manager UK

09:00 RiverGlide

Keynote: Understanding Scale with 3X: Explore, Expand, Extract

Antony Marcano, Agile Coach

3X is a new way of thinking that provides a common language for CEO’s, CIO’s, CTOS, CFOs, Marketing, Product Managers, Development teams & Operations. It builds a bridge between the innovative, risk-taking, experimental elements of an organisation, and the risk-averse & change-resistant. It helps us understand how modern digital businesses innovate and succeed at scale.

09:30 Valiantys

SAFe with Atlassian

Anand Unadkat, Head of Professional Services

Deliver enterprise scaled software with multiple Agile teams! Learn the theory around implementing a Portfolio SAFe configuration with Atlassian tools.

10:00 Generali

Scaling up for an improved Service Desk with the Atlassian products and Apps

Erin Collins, Senior Business Support Analyst

What happens when you apply ITSM best practices and the right marketplace apps to Jira Service Desk? The result is a comprehensive, dynamic service desk whose productivity and customer satisfaction is second to none.

Valiantys Software

Breaking down information silos: How to connect Jira to your Information System with nFeed and Exocet

Julie d'Antin, Marketing manager

Make Jira the central hub in your Information System with nFeed and Exocet. Through a few use cases, learn how you can display information from external data sources in issues, and copy and sync tickets between different Jira projects.


Portfolio for Jira

Balkis Khouni, Consultant

A demo showing how to configure a Portfolio plan to cover multiple teams and projects across an organisation.


Merging Jira instances

Syed Shah, Consultant

Best practices for how to correctly merge multiple instances into one enterprise level Jira instance.


Think BIG for Enterprise Scale PPM

James Atkins, Key Accounts Manager

BIG projects don't have to mean BIG problems. Whether you use Waterfall, Agile, SAFe or a combination of methodologies, the BIG suite of PPM Jira tools delivers solutions from team to portfolio level project management

13:10 Atlassian

Driving Teamwork at Scale

Junie Dinda - Head of Marketing, Server and Data Center

Join us to learn more about how Atlassian's Data Center tools empower enterprise teams to collaborate at scale and deliver products and services to market faster.

13:40 Valiantys

What is the best configuration to run Jira Data Center?

Sultan Maiyaki, Consultant

Jira Software is designed for enterprise teams, but can it really keep to speed as your organization scales? We’ve tested Jira Data Center to discover which variables have an impact on performance.

14:10 ECMWF

Expanding Atlassian at ECMWF

Daniel Varela, Consultant

Scalability mean preparing for success. See how ECMWF tackled technical and organizational challenges head-on to scale Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, Bamboo and Fisheye from a handful of users to the entire organization.

14:40 Valiantys

Automating Release Governance to save your sanity

Guest speaker from a leading european bank

Can IT Governance be implemented without supressing DevOps processes? A guest speaker from a leading European Bank shares how they implemented solid governance around automating releases.


Exploring Jira data eazyBI's reports

Janis Plume, Customer Support Consultant

EazyBI provides standard integrations with many popular Jira apps, making it a powerful reporting tool. Main features and use cases for Agile, service and testing teams.


Scaling Jira Service Desk for global teams

Seifallah Ben Abda, Consultant

Tips and tricks for how to configure Jira Service Desk to meet the specific needs of remote teams.

ALM Works

Planning at Scale - Using Gantt and Jira

Dave Rosenlund, Head of Marketing

This demo will show how to add the power of Gantt charts to Jira. You'll be able to envision how your enterprise can organize issues across teams and projects.


Best practices for Jira governance

Aslam Cader, Consultant

Being a Jira admin means knowing and implementing best practices. These governance tips will help enable your teams' daily work.

16:50 Panel Talk

Panel talk

17:20 Valiantys

Closing speech


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The program will combine product updates from Atlassian with best practices by Valiantys and customer-led use cases. You will gain invaluable tips and insights to develop your Atlassian knowledge.


You'll see demonstrations of Atlassian products and Marketplace apps with real use cases, ranging from improving your software development lifecycle to your ITSM processes. You'll walking away knowing how these tools' capabilities can directly benefit your business.


Meet the local Atlassian community, chat with peers facing similar challenges and share best practices. Valiantys experts and Atlassian representatives will also be at hand to answer any questions you may have about our products.

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