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Lightweight, easy to deploy and efficient solutions
for process management and team collaboration

Valiantys Add-Ons for JIRA

Our JIRA add-ons

A powerful suite to smoothly integrate and leverage
data within JIRA

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Tailor-made Atlassian Service Desk

Designing and implementing end-to-end Service Desk solutions
based on Atlassian tools since 2006

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Consulting, implementation, training, enterprise support and hosting delivered by Atlassian Experts.

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Turn Atlassian tools into bespoke solutions: task management, project collaboration, Service Desk and Agile development.

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A hands on training experience to help you make the most of JIRA, Confluence and all your Atlassian tools.

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Empowering over 1100 companies around the world to optimise
their process management and team collaboration


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